5 day Anti-Bully Camp

Imagine your child with the confidence and knowledge to become BULLY-PROOF

Our proven 5-day Anti-Bully Camp will provide confidence in:

Identify Types of Bullying

Physical, Verbal, Social, Cyber Bullying

Be the change

How to build confidence in your friends

Make a Difference

Proper choices for handling bullies & De-escalating

Learn what to do

Strategies to put into action NOW

people talk

Hold on, chillax! Instead, here what people are saying!

I love knowing that my son will walk away knowing what to do and how to properly respond to bullies!
Ken Maxcy
Not only did my kids learn a lot, but they had so much fun and came home happy and tired!
Rachal epperson
My son was nervous about the new school year but the camp gave my son all the confidence he needed and more! We will be back!
Jennifer Lam

5-Days to Bully-proof

No matter what you teach a child, it will NOT be effective without the confidence to put the lessons into action. 

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