School Talks for Ninjas

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Hey OTM Families!

Did you know that our instructors are available to visit your ninja at their school! One of the main reasons we are involved in martial arts is to CHANGE LIVES! Every child that walks through our door gives us an opportunity to mentor them and help them overcome challenges that range from self-esteem issues to bullying!

Unfortunately, our ability to change lives is sometimes limited to only those who walk through our doors. We recognize that when you have a special talent such as ours, it is important to reach out and share at every opportunity!

So what can you expect from a typical school talk?

1. Learning how to smile and develop a positive mindset

Part of being a ninja is learning how to have a positive outlook! We love inspiring others to make new friends and strengthen relationships by smiling and always looking on the bright side, even when faced with a challenge!

2. Learning to have courage and try new things!

Whether this means developing a new skill outside your comfort zone or adding a new vegetable to your diet, having courage is a daily skill. Every black belt started as a white belt that had the courage to try something new.

3. Developing a “Yes I Can” attitude!

Many of the students we talk to may never make it to On The Mat BUT our goal is to leave them with a “Yes I Can” attitude! Having perseverance at a young age will set every child up for success in the future.

4. An A-mazing martial arts experience!

We do an amazing job facilitating an age appropriate martial arts experience at every school talk! Our goal is to get every child moving, creating smiles on each face and making sure everyone has a memorable experience and we might even break some BOARDS!!!

If you would like to have your favorite instructor visit your ninja at school LET US KNOW! Our instructors are ready to teach a mini-class or run a super fun “Yes I Can” presentation that will get every child involved and smiling! We can accommodate just about any request and love getting out and inspiring everyone we can.

If you have any questions or would like to have one of our instructors touch base with your school, come by the front desk and we can get the ball rolling!!


Andrew Arquines

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