Hey Parents, 
Andrew here and I wanted to share some great tips on the Parent SKILLZ strategy: NURTURING. 
“Look at mistakes as opportunities to educate.”
When it comes to parenting, it is important to remember the numerous benefits to being a NURTURING parent. This includes enhanced brain development, better social skills, and increased self-esteem. 
So, what does it mean to be a NURTURING parent? 
It means displaying love and warmth, especially when your child misbehaves. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the behavior. Instead, address the behavior in a manner which helps your child learn and grow, and do so in a caring way. Studies have shown this to enhance brain development. 
Being a NURTURING parent also produces children who have a deeper understanding of empathy. Since they are raised in such an environment, they learn how to have better social skills, which means more meaningful relationships with others.   
Another way to be a NURTURING parent is to participate in attachment-based activities with your child. Attachment is the bond children develop with their parents, and is extremely influential in their overall self-esteem. 
You can take all the toys and games you’ve given your child over the years, and they pale in comparison to the gift of being a NURTURING parent. 
So, give my recommendations a try this week, and next week be on the lookout for a Parent SKILLZ worksheet where you’ll fill in the blanks to help improve your NURTURING skills with your child! 
Thank you for your attention, and have fun building the Parent SKILLZ: NURTURING this week! 

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