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Hey On The Mat Families!


Is testing coming up soon?


Testing is an amazing opportunity to help children learn that accomplishing goals is FUN! Our ninjas work hard all cycle long and earning a new belt at the end is an exciting achievement. Sometimes though, we may get a great score but not the “perfect” score we were aiming for. It is important that parents and instructors keep our ninjas goal oriented in this moment, so I wanted to share some ways to “hack the system”.


Here are some ways that we can take our game to the next level, are you ready!?


Come to Make Up Classes

But I already come to all my classes!? Great! You can still come to Make Up classes especially if we will be covering the skill that you want to improve upon. The repetition you get throughout the cycle is great so adding more via our Make Up class will add to your success. Another great reason to come is that with a smaller class you will likely get more face time with the instructor. Just make sure to continue to make all of your normal classes as well!


Practice at Home

If you want to be the best, we should practice like the best! Find some time to practice at home. Specifically work on whatever skills we worked on during the week. Another great idea is to practice what you did in class the day before. If the older kids and teens want to go above and beyond, create a technique journal where you write down all the technical advice and tid-bits your instructor was talking about!


Film Your Instructor

Sometimes we honestly can’t remember what we did or what the instructor said. This is often the case for striking combinations, forms, or self-defense combinations. In this case, grab your phone! Our instructors are more than happy to demo what you need to practice at home. This way you end up with a mobile karate instructor!


Private Lessons

Finally, schedule a private lesson. These lessons are probably the best way to ensure that your ninja will get exactly what they need. Many students schedule lessons as testing get closer to help polish up technique or just improve overall confidence. If this sounds like something you or your ninja would be interested in, then feel free to ask your favorite instructor!


We hope this helps in current or future test prep, and if you have any questions feel free to stop by and ask.



Andrew Arquines

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