Tips for Halloween Fun

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Hey On The Mat Parents, 
Here are OTM’s tips for Halloween Fun! 
For the younger children: 
Use what you got! 
On a budget or want to be creative? Use a black school T-shirt as a ninja mask! It is easy and simple to do! Just put the shirt on as you normally would, but instead of putting your head through just frame your face with the collar. Next, tie the short sleeves behind your head and adjust the collar portion to cover your mouth and nose. From there, tuck the remainder of the shirt into your karate jacket! 
Stay Close 
Remember to stay close to Mom and Dad while out trick or treating! We should always be in familiar areas to stay safe but don’t forget that there will be a lot of people out and about. Stay close to that you don’t accidentally get separated from your parents, this may be easier than you think because someone may be wearing the same costume as your parents! 
For Teens: 
Show Off Your Responsibility 
Often teens are allowed more freedom as they tend to show more responsibility and maturity than in previous years. Be careful not to take advantage of this extra slack! Instead, set yourself up for success! Make sure you are going with a group of friends that are also responsible, safety in numbers! Another great way to impress your parents is to agree on a time you will return and stick to it or better yet, be early!! 
Be Smart 
While going out with a group is a great way to stay safe, there are plenty of other things you can do to have a fun and safe night! Remember to only visit places you are familiar with! If there are parts of the neighborhood you wouldn’t normally go than it is a safe bet you should be going there to trick or treat at twilight hours! Don’t forget to stay with your friends, this could result in you becoming lost or worse, losing your ride home! 
For Parents/Everyone: 
Join US! 
OTM also offers a Parent’s Night Out around Halloween time! Students can attend in their favorite costume and show off their personality in a fun, safe environment! We provide games, pizza, movies and more games! Our Halloween PNO is always a good time and you can’t go wrong! 
We hope everyone has a great Halloween this year! Follow these simple tips and stay smart that way the scariest part of Halloween will be the sugar highs! 

David Lam

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