Early Knowledge

Hey Early SKILLZ Parents!


Whether you are new to SKILLZ or have been part of our family for a while I am sure you have laughed and enjoyed our Early SKILLZ classes just as much as we have!


It goes without saying that for a LONG time in our industry this 3-4yr old age group was one of the “more difficult” groups to work with. A lot of the frustration came from the lack of insight most instructors had when it came to their unique stage of development. A traditional background and classic styles of instruction that most black belts “grew up” on also lends to the ineffectiveness of these younger classes. Thus, many schools simply wouldn’t teach this age group.


GOOD NEWS! Times are changing or maybe I should say, the times have changed! SKILLZ has been at the forefront of growth in our industry when it comes to how instructors now teach children. SKILLZ has helped us realize that every student is different, and has taught us how to apply the latest revelations in child development.


We now understand that each child develops at different paces physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially; respectively. This means that some Early SKILLZ students might be the “spinners” in class but are also very intelligent. Others may be the shy type that take a little extra encouragement or a more hands on approach to learning. Regardless, our instructors work with each student throughout the testing cycle to help them become the best version of themselves while targeting their specific stage of development.


We understand that some students will spin, run off the mat, or want to show us how strong they can kick while the instructor is speaking. We now know that some students at this age group may not have the core strength to sit up straight for an entire class and their “spinning” may just be a way for them to relax, before returning to a proper sitting position. Sometimes a ninja will run off the mat to mom or dad as well. Most of the time this is their emotional stage of development and they are simply “checking in” to get a hug or the “ok” before returning to class.


Since we are now armed with the power of knowledge and experience we know when it is best to let them speak and show off their creativity, as well as, when to redirect so as to allow them to be the creative individuals they are without creating a retroactive environment. SKILLZ has certainly allowed us to be able to offer classes that are not only fun, but can consistently generate results. We can’t thank you enough for being part of our family and in turn, will continue to learn and grow to reach our goal: To help every student become a better version of themselves.



Andrew Arquines



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