Social and Emotional Benefits of Special Events

Greetings OTM Families!

If you have ever heard us talk about our AWESOME Sleepovers throughout the year and wondered, “Why should my child participate?” or “What is the benefit to be gained?” 

…Then this is for YOU!

Our Sleepover events are a TON of fun! This is because we cracked the “code” when it comes to providing a SAFE & FUN environment where everyone can feel comfortable! We provide pizza for dinner and donuts in the morning so that your job as parents is that much easier! Can anyone say “Date Night!”? Not only is this a way for the parents to get a bit more social, but it is a grand opportunity for the students to grow Socially as well.

The Social benefits of our sleepovers include making new friends, spending time with their favorite instructors and benefiting from action-packed, structured play. This is a great time for them to become friends with students from other classes or even spend some quality time with older/younger siblings! Another great benefit is that our instructors are able to spend more quality time mentoring the students. Lastly, we use planners created by SKILLZ to ensure that everyone has a blast while maintaining a safe and structured environment.

Emotionally, our students benefit from being able to express their creativity during our themed events; they are also able to overcome anxieties due to separation.

We hold many events during the year with themes like:

NERF Battles
Valentines Sleepover
Spooky Night Out (Halloween)
Zombie Sleepover (Halloween)
New Years Eve

Through the use of the themes we allow them to explore their creative sides via fun games related to the theme and by bringing their favorite Nerf Blaster or dressing up in their coolest, funniest, or scariest costumes. We also provide a safe and familiar environment so that they are able to overcome fears related to separation for “new” places. Another great bonus is that we offer a Half-Night option as well so that they can still have fun without spending the whole night!

Sleepovers or Parent Night Outs can be a great way for your children to grow Emotionally & Socially all while having the time of their life! Our staff here at On The Mat can’t wait to see everyone at the next event!

Andrew Arquines


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