Be Santa's Little Ninja!

Happy Holidays Core SKILLZ Parents!

The holidays are quickly approaching and our staff here at On The Mat hopes it is the best ever!

It is super easy to get lost in the moment and forget to practice our martial arts over the holiday break. But if we can remember to do so, we are better prepared to have the upper hand when we return to class. Our instructors believe there is nothing cooler than a ninja that can come back from a break without missing a beat!

Here are a few quick tips from our instructors that can help make training during the holiday’s fun!


1. Practice your SPEED by having a relative hold a piece of used wrapping paper as you break it!

This challenge will help your ninja practice their speed because if they are not punching fast enough, they won’t make it through the paper! We can also work on their technical speed by using progressively smaller pieces of paper so that they have to aim!


2. Develop INTENSITY by using the empty wrapping paper rolls as a “Sword”.

We can help our ninjas develop their “performance” of their forms this holiday by having them create their own form! Then challenge them to perform this form in front of their relatives! This should be fun for all and everyone knows family loves to see those sweet ninja moves!


3. Work on your FLEXIBILITY by using empty boxes to slide into our splits!

Show off your flexibility this holiday by putting one foot in the top of a box, and using the bottom for the other foot. Challenge yourself to see how deep you can go! If that is too easy then try going across the house.


4. Wrap your feet in used wrapping paper and try to sneak around the house.

For the ultimate ninja challenge wrap your feet in wrapping paper and try to sneak up on the adults! This will challenge you to develop even better CONCENTRATION! Make it even more fun by having the adults agree to do 3 push-ups if you can sneak up on them!

We hope you are able to find even more creative and fun ways to practice your martial arts this holiday! Don’t forget to share your ideas on our FB page too!


Andrew Arquines

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