Top 5 Reasons to keep your children in Martial Arts

Greetings On The Mat Families

Let’s talk about some of the top benefits for practicing Martial Arts! As you know, we are not a “traditional” Martial Arts school in that we train our students in Age Specific Martial Arts. This allows us to use systems that integrate science and psychology into our curriculums via the SKILLZ Program! This offers a wide range of benefits, but here is my top 5 for practicing Martial Arts here at On The Mat.


1. We use the SKILLZ Programs

SKILLZ is a program that is used internationally and is different from the majority of Martial Art curriculums because we use our Martial Arts as a means to an end. This means we use our techniques to help your child join the top percentile in regards to their physical, intellectual, emotional, and social stage of development. Isn’t that cool?


2. They will learn Control

We help mentor our students so that they will learn how to control their emotions when they are upset. We take it one step further by focusing on how to calm ourselves and make better choices instead of reacting out of emotion. Many schools in the industry will simply pass out push-ups for any behavior deemed “out of bounds” while we understand it is more advantageous to address the behavior/choice rather than the child.


3. We instill Sportsmanship & promote positive social interactions

We focus on building confidence while working in groups or with partners so that our students are comfortable working with and leading their peers through various challenges. “You win some, You lose some” is a fact of life. We help prepare our students to be courteous champions and inversely, also being proud of their classmates when they are victorious.


4. Increased Memorization and Retention

Everyone knows that forms are a large part of Martial Arts. Most schools will use forms simply as part of their curriculum that a child must know in order to achieve their next rank. Our staff uses forms specifically designed for children, and delivers them in a manner that is appropriate for each age group. This will set our students up for success allowing us to efficiently and successfully increase your child’s intellectual stage of development.


5. We provide the best role models

These days, children look up to professional athletes, pop singers, and rap stars. This can be great, until they start making headlines for unsavory conduct. As a parent it can be hard to help guide our children to make the best choices. Our staff is not only committed to being the best role models possible but we also work closely with our S.T.O.R.M. Team (Special Team of Role Models) to provide leaders who do so by setting the best example possible. In doing so, we are able to provide role models their own age that our students can look up to. There are many more benefits to Martial Arts here at On The Mat. Our goal is to help all of our students reach their full potential and are extremely grateful to have you as part of our family!


Andrew Arquines

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