On The Mat Martial Arts Reviews

  • Judy Crowley, Mother, On The Mat Martial Arts Testimonials

    Just recently, his soccer coach told us that our son was unbelievable on the soccer field and for his age his knowledge and leadership skills were incredible.

    The skills he has learned are life altering and will stay with him for a life time. He rarely misses a class and loves going every week.

    Judy Crowley, Mother
  • James Tuten, Father, On The Mat Martial Arts Testimonials

    We have been members since April of 2012 and have experienced first hand the positive growth, development and discipline in our son.

    Not only in the physical and mental skills of martial arts, but also in developing socially to be responsible and respectful, to make good positive decisions, to be ethical and trustworthy and so much more.

    James Tuten, Father
  • Joyce Clay, Grandmother, On The Mat Martial Arts Testimonials

    Peyton was an extremely hyper-active child and at age 6, was already experiencing problems in school. His attention span was limited and he struggled to get his work done.

    Fast forward 7 years... Peyton is now a second degree black belt and has learned that you can succeed at anything you put your mind to and that hard work, and perseverance are the keys to success in anything, not just martial arts.

    He's fortunate to have had these experiences.

    Joyce Clay, Grandmother
  • Lara Connors, PH.D., Mother, On The Mat Martial Arts Testimonials

    Our three sons are students with SKILLZ. As well as learning martial arts, they are learning valuable life skills, such as focus, the importance of working hard and self-confidence.

    While learning these skills they are having a great time! The staff are very nurturing. I also really life the way all of the curriculum, including physical skills, intellectual and social skills, are presented appropriately to the developmental age of the child. We are looking forward to many more years.

    Lara Connors, PH.D., Mother


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